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 Deadhorse Camp [Alaska's Arctic Coast] and Coldfoot Camp [Alaska's Brooks Mountain Range] recently saw the arctic sun dip below the southern horizon, not to return for many months to come --- signaling that both arctic Camps are now firnly entrenched in a long [but wonderful!!!] winter season --- but, as is always the case, the sun will eventually return to vanquish the polar nights --- and, before we know it, the 2014 summer season will be upon us --- thus, we are now hiring for ALL positions for the upcoming 2014 summer season.


The positions for which we are ACTIVELY RECRUITING as of today [07 April 2014] are:



 We are currently recruiting for the following 2014 summer season positions:

Dinner Buffet Cook

Baker-Breakfast Cook

Prep-Lunch Cook

Dinner-Breakfast-Lunch RELIEF Cook



Camp Support



We are currently recruiting for the following 2014 summer season positions:


Camp Host

Cleaner / Camp Host

Interpretive / River Guide

Maintenance / Cleaner

Dinner Buffet Cook

Dinner Buffet Relief Cook

Prep Cook

Breakfast Cook


Breakfast/Baker Relief Cook

Lunch Cook

Night Cook

Lunch/Night Relief Cook




Yukon River Camp is a summer-season-only operation --- and, is thus closed for the winter season --- we ARE currently recruiting for the following 2014 summer season positions:

 Camp Host

Cleaner Dishwasher

Breakfast/Lunch Cook

Dinner Cook

Relief Cook


For those considering work in Alaska's Arctic in a future season, the calendar year is divided into three work seasons --- two winter seasons and one summer season.  Active recruitment for the 2014 summer season began on 27 November 2013.

  • Winter season one begins 16 September and ends 15 January
  • Winter season two begins 16 January and ends 15 May
  • Summer season begins 01 May and ends 30 September [yes, the longer summer season overlaps both winter seasons]



The Dalton Highway, Alaska's arctic wilderness highway, stretches north from Fairbanks ---  traversing the Yukon River, the Arctic Circle, the Brooks Mountain Range, and the Arctic Coastal Plain --- before terminating 500-miles later at the shores of the Arctic Ocean.  Punctuating this arctic wilderness are Yukon River Camp, Coldfoot Camp and Deadhorse Camp --- each meeting the important food/lodging needs of arctic travelers with a spirit of authentic hospitality.

Why "work arctic"? --- WILDERNESS 24/7 --- a paid working vacation, not a mere visit to Alaska's arctic wilderness but an unparalleled opportunity to live it;   GREAT COWORKERS --- great wilderness attracts great coworkers, perfect teammates for a season of life, work, and play;  HOUSING/MEALS --- no rent, no food bills, no commute;  EARN IT, SAVE IT --- a wilderness environment where the options for spending money are as scarce as the options for wilderness exploration are robust.

Yet, "working arctic" is not for everyone.  Many [perhaps most] Alaska work first-timers may find our camps to be too remote.  For these persons, a Denali Park-type experience might be a better fit --- a couple thousand fellow co-workers create a spring-break like social atmosphere, restaurants and bars are in close proximity, Walmart and movie theatres are just two hours away.  Other Alaska-work first-timers might have an expectation that their work days will be spent in a glamorous structure built by a Marriott or a Hilton --- this is not our camps.  Our camps are what they are, simple and unglamorous structures staffed by great coworkers serving guests who are thrilled to find the very thing that led them to a decision to explore off the beaten path in the first place --- authentic hospitality, and a real/uncontrived atmosphere.

Yukon River Camp, Coldfoot Camp, and Deadhorse Camp are each owned/operated by a small Alaska-based company.  We recognize it is the quality of our coworkers that provides the critical ingredient to the creation of a great hospitality experience for our guests.  A great workplace starts with shared values, thus it is our goal to attract coworkers who believe:  that PROFESSIONALISM and INTEGRITY are not innate characteristics but, instead, daily decisions; that because we are what we repeatedly do, EXCELLENCE, then, is not an act but a habit;  and, finally, that a great workplace cannot be achieved if it is not built on a foundation of positive, trust-based coworker relationships --- an impossible task without the shared values of RESPECT and JOY.

Many great coworkers have found their way to our camps --- many coworkers return to camp for consecutive seasons, while others simply never leave, having found themselves at home in Alaska's Arctic.  If you have read this far, and still believe that "working arctic" might be for you, we encourage you to learn more by reading the information provided in this web format.  We look forward to the possibility you will choose to take the next step in the "working arctic" employment process by submitting an application.

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