Benefits & Travel


Some of the benefits of working at Yukon River Camp, Coldfoot Camp, Deadhorse Camp and Arctic Base Camp are:

  • Free Housing & Meals (Arctic Base Camp does not serve meals)
  • Competitive Wages
  • Season Completion Transportation Bonus and/or Season Completion Bonus
  • 25% discount on gifts and merchandise from our gift shops
  • Time to explore in a landscape fit for exploring
  • Live the real Alaska
  • Develop friendships that last a lifetime
  • Space available ground tours and flights at no cost to the coworker with our sister companies: Northern Alaska Tour Company, Air Arctic and Dalton Highway Express


Recognizing that airfare is, for many, a major obstacle to summer work in Alaska, we offer a season completion travel reimbursement bonus.

What does this mean to you?

As part of the season completion travel reimbursement bonus, Yukon River Camp/Coldfoot Camp/Deadhorse Camp/Arctic Base Camp provides round-trip air transportation from most major cities in the US and Canada. Once you have arrived in camp and begin working, the entire cost of the ticket will be aggressively withheld from your first paycheck(s). Upon successful completion of the agreed upon season, $500 will be reimbursed to you in your final paycheck. 

With the worry of high initial costs of air travel out of the way, you can begin planning your adventure in Alaska's Arctic.

The airfare we are able to arrange for new coworkers ranges in cost from $625 to $1000 + ticketing & airport fees. We work hard to locate the lowest fare and pass the savings along to you. To help accomodate the lowest possible fares, it is essential that persons be flexible in their travel plans, which may include the following:

  • Flexible travel dates and times
  • Willingness to travel within 24 hours of ticket arrangements
  • Acceptance of multiple flight legs and extended layovers
  • For lowest fares, please see the attached list --- Alaska Airlines cities

In general, we are able to locate low price fares; however, the world of inexpensive air travel is changing rapidly. We encourage you to shop around for lower fares. If you choose to arrange your own travel to and from Alaska, you will receive an alternative bonus in your final paycheck. Bonus arrangements and season dates are discussed  on a case-by-case basis prior to the start of the season.